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Download our latest boiler brochure, featuring some valuable information on how to choose your new boiler. It also includes details on the savings you can make on your energy bills when you install a new energy efficient boiler.

Five things you know before buying a new boiler

Boiler Types Explained

Combi Boiler

heats water as you need it and eliminates the need for you to have a water tank in your home

Conventional boiler

(also known as heat-only boiler) requires a hot water tank or cylinder, in which hot water can be stored for later use

System boiler

is like a heat only boiler, but more components are built-in. This can normally make a system boiler easy to install as they tend to need less space

Get your new boiler with affordable finance options

We know that sometimes needing a new boiler can come at a time that you least expect it and therefore may not have the funds in place to cover the full installation cost. That’s why we offer our customers affordable finance options to help spread the cost over a longer period. Click on the link below to get started.