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Solar PV Panel Installation Milton Keynes

Solar PV Installations Across Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas. ​

At Mk City Plumbing & Heating we are experts in sustainable energy solutions. We specialise in solar PV panel installation in Milton Keynes. We aim to help all our customers in the local community save money on their heating bills and achieve energy independence.

This is achievable by installing eco-friendly energy solutions like solar PV. When you generate your own electricity, you decrease your reliance on fossil fuels and the power grid, which greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases your home produces, lowering your carbon footprint. Our team of renewable energy experts have many years of experience installing and maintaining solar PV systems in hundreds of homes throughout Milton Keynes.

MK City Plumbing & Heating are MCS Certified

At MK City Plumbing & Heating we put our customer’s satisfaction before anything we do. We get a lot of work from referrals and repeat business. For us, this is a testament to the fantastic relationships we build with all our amazing customers and how happy they are with the quality of our work and the overall service they receive. 

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Benefits Of Solar PV Panel Installation (SPV)

There are many benefits to installing solar PV systems, including:

Cost Efficiency: Benefit from significant savings on your energy bills. Our systems are designed to maximise energy production and reduce reliance on traditional power sources. 

Environmentally Friendly: Do your part in the fight against climate change by producing clean, renewable energy. Our solar PV installations contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Energy Independence: Reduce your reliance on the power grid and gain energy independence. SPV allows you to generate your own electricity, providing a reliable power source even during power cuts. 

Return On Investment (ROI): Increase the value of your Milton Keynes home with SPV. Properties with solar PV systems are highly sought after, and market research has shown they are on the market for a much shorter time.

How Does Solar PV (SPV) Work?

Sunlight Absorption: Photovoltaic cells, crafted from silicon, form the basis of SPV panels. These cells absorb sunlight, capturing the energy carried by photons from the particles of sunlight. 

Electron Excitation: The energy absorbed from the photons stimulates electrons within the silicon cells, changing them to an energised state.

Current Generation: The energised electrons travel through a semiconductor, generating an electric current. 

Direct Current (DC) Output: The electricity produced by solar cells is in the form of direct current (DC), similar to the type generated by batteries. 

Inverter Conversion: DC electricity undergoes conversion through an inverter, transforming it into alternating current (AC), the standard type of electricity used to power homes and businesses. 

Utility or Local Use: Converted AC electricity becomes usable, catering to the energy needs of homes and businesses. This reduces reliance on the power grid. 

Grid Connection (if applicable): Any surplus electricity generated by the SPV system can be fed back into the grid. This not only contributes to sustainable energy practices but also allows homeowners or businesses to earn credits or compensation through net metering or feed-in tariffs from utility companies.

Man working on Solar PV

Why Choose MK City Plumbing & Heating For Solar PV?

We are a family run business that has been trusted to carry out all our customers plumbing and heating needs in Milton Keynes for many years. We get a lot of work through referrals and repeat business. This is the biggest compliment we could receive as it shows how happy our customers are with the level of service we provide. We have received many glowing reviews. 

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At MK City Plumbing, we are dedicated to helping all our customers save money on their heating bills and reduce their carbon footprints by installing renewable energy solutions in their homes like solar PV panels. We have an extremely talented team of engineers that always go above and beyond to meet our customers expectations.

We put our customers safety at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud members of the Gas Safe register, which is an official database of companies and individuals that are fully qualified to carry out work on gas appliances within your home. Click here to view our membership. 

At MK City Plumbing & Heating we operate with 100% honesty and transparency. When you receive a quote from us, all the costs are laid out in detail, they never include any hidden charges or expenses. You will also be given a realistic timeframe in which to complete the work we aim to cause very minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Is solar PV suitable for all properties? A: SPV can be installed on many different property types. Our specialist engineers will carry out a full assessment to make sure it will operate efficiently in your home or business. 

Q: Are there government grants or financial support schemes available for SPV installation? A: There are several government grants and schemes are available to support the installation of renewable technologies like SPV. Our renewable energy team can guide you through the options available and help with the application process. 

Q: How long does an installation take? A: Installation times can vary depending on a few different factors like the type of roof on your property, but on average, it takes 2-4 days to install. Our aim is to ensure minimal disruption during the process. 

Q: Will I need planning permission? A: When installing SPV on your roof you don’t normally need planning permission as it falls under ‘permitted development’. 

If you would like a quote for solar PV in Milton Keynes, or for information about our renewable energy solutions, contact us today. Our expert team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs. Simply fill in our contact form, call us on 01908 464075 or email a member of our team:

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